KDE Announces Plasma 5.12 LTS Beta

KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS Beta is the second long-term support release of the Plasma team 5. The boot time to the desktop has been fixed by reviewing the code for anything that precludes execution. The


Dcoder Mobile Code Compiler IDE

Dcoder is a mobile coding IDE, where one can code and learn alogrithms. With Dcoder’s compiler one can learn programming in more than thirteen programming languages. It’s like Eclipse or Netbeans on the desktop, but


Lightworks Software Video Editor

Lightworks is one of the many video editor software options that can be used for Linux users. Not much different from other video editor, where Lightworks also offers menus or features that are almost the


How to Install Firefox Quantum in Ubuntu

Some time ago Mozilla officially released the latest version of Firefox with many changes including the interface and reportedly lighter than the previous version. Firefox itself is a browser that has been long enough to


“Wine” Solution For Running Windows Applications on Linux

Wine is not an emulator as it does when running Java or Android on a computer. But it’s a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on multiple POSIX compatible operating systems, such as Linux,


Simplenote, Evernote Alternative To Make Notes

Writing a note is not a necessity, but sometimes we have to do it. In the smartphone era, there are many applications or software that are made to facilitate the activity. One of them is


QOwnNotes Plain-text File Notepad With Markdown Support and OwnCloud Integration

QOwnNotes is a free open source (GPL) plain-text notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows, that (optionally) works together with the notes application of ownCloud. Not much different from


Support for Ubuntu 17.04 Will Discontinue This Week

Notice to Ubuntu 17.04 users that the update support will soon be discontinued for this version. Ubuntu 17.04 version is short support, but there is already a new version that can be used properly. The


Install Steam on Ubuntu

Game is a fun entertainment, especially if the game can be playing many people. Steam is one of the services that provide many exciting games, and Steam is support for Ubuntu/Linux Mint. Installing Steam in


Vivaldi Web Browser is Available on the Raspberry Pi

Vivaldi is a browser developed with chromium as its base. The latest version of Vivaldi Web Browser supports for Raspberry Pi. And is an experiment for Linux-based ARM devices. The interface of this browser such

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