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We recognize that privacy on the World Wide Web is important to you. We use information to better understand your needs and improve your experience on this site. 

In this privacy policy, we state some of the practices we use to utilize and explain information obtained from this site. 

Here is some information about the types of personal information that is received and collected when you use and visit the site (, for what it collects, and how we protect your information. 

We never sell personal information directly to third parties.


We use third-party services as our source of funds to keep you informed. All ads on this site are not ours and we are not responsible for what will be inflicted. We use Google's Adsense and DoubleClick service from Google, and we hope you understand the existence of these ads and we hope you know the contents of those ads. If you do not want to see the ads you can read more clearly about Google's rules on the following page:

In addition to advertising from Google, we also use ads from other parties. We hope you can carefully choose the content of ads that will appear, because we never know what problems will be generated from those ads.

Log Files

Like most other websites you visit online, we collect data contained in log files.

Information in log files including your internet protocol (IP) address, your ISP (internet service provider) , the browser you use to visit our site (such as Chrome or Firefox) , when you visit our site and which pages you visit.

Although we rarely ever log at the log files in question (they’re theoretically useful for tracking down bot attacks and the like.).

Cookies & Web Beacons

This site uses cookies, but we do not trade the data we obtain from users of this site. We only see visitor data through Analytics and also from Advertising monitoring.

More information:

The following services may use cookies on this site:
  • Google Analytics for analysis.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Youtube for social interaction.
  • Possible ads.
  • Disqus for comments.
  • FeedBurner for mailing list.
  • Videos or files embeds.
  •, for url shortener.
  • Google Drive, Google Docs, MediaFire, Dropbox, Box for downloadable file storage.
You can choose to disable or selectively turn off our cookies or third-party cookies in your browser settings.

We hope you read, understand and agree to the rules that apply to this site.

Please contact us for more information:

Updated: 04 Desember 2017