Fedora Workstation 21 Sudah Tersedia, Unduh Sekarang

Fedora baru saja merilis versi terbarunya, jika anda adalah pengguna Fedora tentunya ini adalah sebuah kabar yang menyenangkan. Ada tiga jenis yang diluncurkan Fedora yaitu Workstation, Server, dan Cloud. Selengkapnya tentang Fedora 21

Tampilan Fedora Workstation sendiri cukup bagus, dan jika dilihat dari luar (Black box Testing) maka sepertinya cukup ringan jika dibanding dengan distro lainnya.
Apa yang baru?
  • The kernel package is now a meta package that pulls in kernel-core and kernel-modules. Thanks to this, you can optionally uninstall kernel-modules, which reduces the cloud image size. Note that the kernel-modules package should be included when Fedora is installed on real hardware;
  • the Anaconda installer now supports swap on zRAM during the installation. This feature is automatically enabled if Anaconda detects 2 GB or less memory, and disabled on systems with more memory;
  • basic support for the OpenCL standard, which provides sufficient environment for the development of the OpenCL enabled software;
  • RPM has been updated to version 4.12, bringing support for packaging files larger than 4 GB, support for weak dependencies and more;
  • OpenJDK8 is now the default Java Runtime in Fedora 21, replacing OpenJDK7;
  • experimental Wayland support – you can select “GNOME on Wayland” from the login screen to test it (note that this session didn’t work under VirtualBox in my test). 

Unduh Fedora Workstation 21