Support for Ubuntu 17.04 Will Discontinue This Week

Notice to Ubuntu 17.04 users that the update support will soon be discontinued for this version. Ubuntu 17.04 version is short support, but there is already a new version that can be used properly.

The best solution for this tries to backup up all data, then upgrade to the latest version of 17.10. Certainly on the latest system will be more stable with better support.

Right on January 13, 2018, Ubuntu will stop support for version 17.04 simultaneously, both Ubuntu servers and desktops.

What is the best choice for Ubuntu 17.04 Problems?

The choice is to re-install, but through the upgrade mode can also availably.

Ubuntu 17.04 is the last Ubuntu version that uses Unity, for the latest version and so on Ubuntu will use Gnome as the base interface.

Why Upgrade Ubuntu 17.04?

The simple reason is to keep getting updated support, because it's important in usage. So updating the device is a must.

Ubuntu 17.10 itself is not a bad thing, its interface is not much different from Unity, although using Gnome.

Gnome itself has a large selection of display models, so it will easily adapt the desired desktop model.

For example, want to have a desktop that looks like a Mac, this can be done easily through Gnome. Just need to add some packages and themes, then the desktop will look as desired.

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