Simplenote, Evernote Alternative To Make Notes

Writing a note is not a necessity, but sometimes we have to do it. In the smartphone era, there are many applications or software that are made to facilitate the activity. One of them is software to make notes, ranging from free to pay. Simplenote is one of the free notes application.

Smartphone users certainly not a few who know Evernote, an application designed to make a note and so easily even can share with others. Not much different from Evernote, Simplenote also offers the same thing, but does not charge users for certain features.

Simplenote is free to use, developed as an open source with features like premium but free.

Simplenote Free Evernote Alternative

Simplenote Free Evernote Alternative

Anyone can use Simplenote and can be accessed from various devices, which allows to access from two devices eg phone and computer.

Although it is a free software, Simplenote is widely used because it has features as well as similar applications are paid. Only there are still some shortcomings such as there is no feature to insert images from mobile devices.

Simplenote itself supports for various platforms, such as Android, iOS, Linux/Ubuntu, Windows, Mac. Unfortunately for 32-bit Linux users can only use Simplenote via the web, because it only supports for 64-bit version.

Apart from the shortcomings of Simplenote, this application is quite helpful when compared with having to pay for a particular feature or capacity.

How to Install Simplenote, Notebook Builder Software in Ubuntu

Installing Simplenote in Ubuntu is quite easy, users only need to download the software from the official website with the extension (.deb), then can install through the Ubuntu Software Center.

In addition to using the Ubuntu Software Center, the installation can also be done manually through the terminal. The command for installation is dpkg.

Simplenote Installation Example via Terminal:
sudo dpkg -i Simplenote-linux-1.1.0.deb
After the installation is complete, please run Simplenote then log in to your own account, or sign up to create an account.

Simplenote accounts are useful for synchronizing stored data, such as making notes from a mobile phone and then open from a computer.

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