Lightworks Software Video Editor

Lightworks is one of the many video editor software options that can be used for Linux users. Not much different from other video editor, where Lightworks also offers menus or features that are almost the same as other software.

If previously there was Kdenlive which is also a video editor that is quite popular among Linux users, then Lightworks could be another option. In general, for video editing software almost all the same. There may be differences in the interface as well as the features offered.

Get to know Lightworks Video Editing Software

Lightworks supports all operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. In addition to offering free versions, Lightworks also offers premium versions that have more features. Even so, the free version of Lightworks has also been considered qualified for simple video editing.

The interface offered Lightworks is very simple, so it will facilitate its users. However, regarding the actual interface almost all similar software has a design that is not much different.

Lightworks Software Video Editor

The problem of ease of use again on each user, if you are familiar with Lightworks it will feel easy and comfortable.

Currently, the stable version of Lightworks is version 14.0, but a 14.1 beta version is available that offers better features and user experience.

Features and Additions At Lightworks 14.1

  • Histogram Graph added to Video Tools panel
  • Support for GoPro, Canon and other device folder structures
  • Alpha channel support for for Quicktime MOV files
  • Right click “Render” option for clips in the sequence timeline
  • Ability to “slide” an effect crossfade trim
  • 16-bit GPU precision replaces 10-bit
  • Added ‘Reveal > Media files’ on timeline segments
  • Added support for creating proxies from 60fps media
For video editing to be uploaded to Youtube, Lightworks can be an option when compared to using paid software, although there are actually many other free software that can be used like Kdenlive, OpenShot, and so on.

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