KDE Announces Plasma 5.12 LTS Beta

KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS Beta is the second long-term support release of the Plasma team 5. The boot time to the desktop has been fixed by reviewing the code for anything that precludes execution. The Plasma team has been doing triaging and fixing bugs in every aspect of the codebase, smoothing the artwork, removing the corner cases and ensuring cross-desktop integration.

For the first time KDE Plasma offers Wayland integration in long-term support so users can be sure that they (the Plasma Team) will continue to fix bugs during future releases. As published on the KDE page, Monday (15/1/2018).

With the increase in the ability of the boot system and the addition of Wayland will certainly be more pampering users. KDE in recent time has become an option for many users for the desktop.

Plasma 5.12 LTS Beta
Image Source: KDE

KDE Announces Plasma 5.11.95

Compared to previous versions, KDE Plasma 5.11.95 has many updates and improved improvements. In addition to improvements in booting capabilities and addition of Wayland, there are many bug fixes that will improve the performance and convenience of the users.

The 5.11.95 Plasma is officially released on January 15, 2018 local time, and announced through KDE's official twitter account.

Plasma's Comprehensive Features

  • Desktop Widgets: Cover your desktop in useful widgets to keep you up to date with weather, amused with comics or helping with calculations.
  • Get Hot New Stuff: Download wallpapers, window style, widgets, desktop effects and dozens of other resources straight to your desktop. We work with the new KDE Store to bring you a wide selection of addons for you to install.
  • Desktop Search: Plasma will let you easily search your desktop for applications, folders, music, video, files or everything you have.
  • Unified Look: Plasma's default Breeze theme has a unified look across all the common programmer toolkits - Qt 4 & 5, GTK 2 & 3, even LibreOffice.
  • Phone Integration: Using KDE Connect you'll be notified on your desktop of text message, can easily transfer files, have your music silenced during calls and even use your phone as a remote control.
  • Infinitely Customisable: Plasma is simple by default but you can customise it however you like with new widgets, panels, screens and styles.

What's New in Plasma 5.12 LTS

  • Smoother and Speedier
  • Plasma on Wayland Now Under LTS promise
  • Discover
  • New Features

What’s New Since Plasma 5.8 LTS

  • Previews in Notifications
  • Task Manager Improvement
  • Global Menus
  • Spring Loaded Folders
  • Music Controls in Lock Screen
  • New System Settings Interface
  • Plasma Vaults

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