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LMMS Audio Editor Software For Linux

LMMS is a digital audio processor that is quite popular among users because of its ability to process audio as well as features it offers. LMMS is a Linux Multimedia Studio that is developed for Linux users, but users of other operating systems (macOS and Windows) can also taste it because it is a cross-platform application and free to use (open source).

If on another operating system there is a digital audio processor commonly used (FL Studio) then this LMMS can be said as a free version of FL Studio. LMMS itself offers features that are not much different from FL Studio and can be called to have the same ability in processing audio.

LMMS itself supports almost all Linux distributions, so almost all can use it, especially this application can be classified as a lightweight software that can run on a computer with a standard spec.
Linux Multimedia Studio Audio Editor The interface offered is quite friendly and easy to understand, but to produce maximum audio still requires the experti…

KDE Announces Plasma 5.12 LTS Beta

KDE Plasma 5.12 LTS Beta is the second long-term support release of the Plasma team 5. The boot time to the desktop has been fixed by reviewing the code for anything that precludes execution. The Plasma team has been doing triaging and fixing bugs in every aspect of the codebase, smoothing the artwork, removing the corner cases and ensuring cross-desktop integration.

For the first time KDE Plasma offers Wayland integration in long-term support so users can be sure that they (the Plasma Team) will continue to fix bugs during future releases. As published on the KDE page, Monday (15/1/2018).

With the increase in the ability of the boot system and the addition of Wayland will certainly be more pampering users. KDE in recent time has become an option for many users for the desktop.

KDE Announces Plasma 5.11.95 Compared to previous versions, KDE Plasma 5.11.95 has many updates and improved improvements. In addition to improvements in booting capabilities and addition of Wayland, there are …

Dcoder Mobile Code Compiler IDE

Dcoder is a mobile coding IDE, where one can code and learn alogrithms. With Dcoder's compiler one can learn programming in more than thirteen programming languages. It's like Eclipse or Netbeans on the desktop, but it runs on Android devices.

There are many similar applications, but Dcoder offers different things. Perhaps in terms of support for more complete programming languages ​​and better interfaces. At first glance, the Dcoder interface is almost like Sublime, but looks more concise. In addition, Dcoder is also capable of running programs that are done, for example C ++.

This application may be an option when not in the desktop, may not be able to make the program with a complex but can be an alternative.

Dcoder The Best Mobile Compiler IDE With Dcoder we can learn and improve coding and problem solving skills by solving challenges from the number of algorithm based challenges/problems available in Algo Yo section.
Code on mobile with Dcoder, which has its unique code e…

Lightworks Software Video Editor

Lightworks is one of the many video editor software options that can be used for Linux users. Not much different from other video editor, where Lightworks also offers menus or features that are almost the same as other software.

If previously there was Kdenlive which is also a video editor that is quite popular among Linux users, then Lightworks could be another option. In general, for video editing software almost all the same. There may be differences in the interface as well as the features offered.
Get to know Lightworks Video Editing Software Lightworks supports all operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, and Mac. In addition to offering free versions, Lightworks also offers premium versions that have more features. Even so, the free version of Lightworks has also been considered qualified for simple video editing.
The interface offered Lightworks is very simple, so it will facilitate its users. However, regarding the actual interface almost all similar software has a design t…

How to Install Firefox Quantum in Ubuntu

Some time ago Mozilla officially released the latest version of Firefox with many changes including the interface and reportedly lighter than the previous version. Firefox itself is a browser that has been long enough to be the default device for Ubuntu, and indeed more preferred after Google Chrome users.

In addition to visual and speed changes, Firefox also adds language support and improved content for developers as well as improved accessibility changes.
How to Install Latest Firefox on Ubuntu/Linux Mint? The installation is relatively easy, which in fact only needs to update by performing an upgrade command, then it will be automatically updated automatically including data from the repo installed on the device. apt upgrade atau apt-get upgrade In some cases, the update method does not work (not all). The solution is to manually update it by adding a repo from Mozilla.

How to Install Firefox on Ubuntu / Linux Mint Installing Firefox on Linux Ubuntu/Linux Mint, can be done by runn…

"Wine" Solution For Running Windows Applications on Linux

Wine is not an emulator as it does when running Java or Android on a computer. But it's a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on multiple POSIX compatible operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, and BSD.

How it works is to translate the Windows API and call it via POSIX. However, Wine generally looks like it works by simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator.
Running Windows Software and Games Through Wine Wine does look like a solution to run Windows software and games, and it does work well to run Windows applications on Linux/Ubuntu. However, in some cases Wine occasionally crashes causing running applications to malfunction and even shut down by itself.

Like when running the Android emulator software "NOX/Big NOX", the application suddenly displays notifications to close it due to inappropriate system support and so on. Apart from that, Wine is quite helpful to run some Windows software/games on Ubuntu/Linux Mint.


Simplenote, Evernote Alternative To Make Notes

Writing a note is not a necessity, but sometimes we have to do it. In the smartphone era, there are many applications or software that are made to facilitate the activity. One of them is software to make notes, ranging from free to pay. Simplenote is one of the free notes application.

Smartphone users certainly not a few who know Evernote, an application designed to make a note and so easily even can share with others. Not much different from Evernote, Simplenote also offers the same thing, but does not charge users for certain features.

Simplenote is free to use, developed as an open source with features like premium but free.

Simplenote Free Evernote Alternative Anyone can use Simplenote and can be accessed from various devices, which allows to access from two devices eg phone and computer.

Although it is a free software, Simplenote is widely used because it has features as well as similar applications are paid. Only there are still some shortcomings such as there is no feature to i…

QOwnNotes Plain-text File Notepad With Markdown Support and OwnCloud Integration

QOwnNotes is a free open source (GPL) plain-text notepad with markdown support and todo list manager for GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows, that (optionally) works together with the notes application of ownCloud.

Not much different from other notes applications, but can be a decent choice to use.

In case you're not familiar with ownCloud, this is a free software alternative to proprietary web services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and others, which can be installed on your own server.

It comes with a web interface that provides access to file management, calendar, image gallery, music player, document viewer, and much more. The developers also provide desktop sync clients, as well as mobile apps.

As for the QOwnNotes note taking features, the app supports Markdown (with a built-in Markdown preview mode), tagging notes, searching in tags and notes, adding links to notes, and inserting images.

The application user interface is customizable, allowing you to increase or decrease the font …

Support for Ubuntu 17.04 Will Discontinue This Week

Notice to Ubuntu 17.04 users that the update support will soon be discontinued for this version. Ubuntu 17.04 version is short support, but there is already a new version that can be used properly.

The best solution for this tries to backup up all data, then upgrade to the latest version of 17.10. Certainly on the latest system will be more stable with better support.

Right on January 13, 2018, Ubuntu will stop support for version 17.04 simultaneously, both Ubuntu servers and desktops.

What is the best choice for Ubuntu 17.04 Problems? The choice is to re-install, but through the upgrade mode can also availably.

Ubuntu 17.04 is the last Ubuntu version that uses Unity, for the latest version and so on Ubuntu will use Gnome as the base interface.
Why Upgrade Ubuntu 17.04? The simple reason is to keep getting updated support, because it's important in usage. So updating the device is a must.

Ubuntu 17.10 itself is not a bad thing, its interface is not much different from Unity, altho…