How to Install Telegram Messenger on Ubuntu

Telegram is an Instant Messaging (IM) application like WhatsApp and other similiar ones. It has large number of users. It is different from other messengers and it is in higher level than them.

Telegram Desktop Client for Ubuntu/Linux Mint

This application is great because it can be used on any device. Official application is better than third-party application, such as in security issue. Telegram also supports web-based application.

Telegram has good system, and the application supports cross-platform device. Sure, we can use an official application on Linux/Ubuntu.

How to Install Telegram Messenger on Ubuntu

Features of Telegram

  • Implemented for mobile devices
  • Available for Desktop.
  • Application Program Interface (API) on Telegram can be accessed by third-party developers
  • Available for Android, iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone, Web application, PC, Mac and Linux
  • The application above provides encryption and self-destruction messages
  • Enable you to access your message on multiple devices and platforms.
  • Fast message delivery
  • Global server are distributed fast and secure
  • Open API and Free Protocol
  • No Ads, No Subscription charge. Forever free.
  • Powerful – No media and chat limitation
  • Several securities ensure that it is safe from Hackers.
  • Reply to Specific message in group.
  • Mention @username to notify users in a group.

How to Install Telegram on Ubuntu

Telegram is available on Ubuntu Software Center or Snap. It is easy to install and ready to use. But if you want to install manually, please follow the command below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/telegram
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install telegram
If you don't want to install Telegram on desktop, web application is another option. You can access Telegram account (e.g: messages) from web, and it's easy to use.
 How to Install Telegram Messenger on Ubuntu

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